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General Membership Meeting, Mar 27, 2020



Once again, we will broadcast the meeting via Zoom.  Thoreau Middle School remains closed.  Zoom runs on Windows, IOS, and Android devices.  Clicking the link below will initiate the process of installing Zoom and getting into the meeting.  Please mute your microphone by clicking on the icon on the lower left of the screen during the meeting.  If you have a question for the presenter, use the Chat icon.  Here is the meeting link: https://zoom.us/j/876619925


Forum: “What is a Balun and Why I Need One?” Bill, NQ6Z will discuss baluns (a portmanteau of “balanced to unbalanced”).  There are many products sold today and discussed on the internet with the label balun that are not. We will go into the definition of a balun and the different types available. Along that journey we will discusses how they work and what they accomplish. Not all baluns have the same performance so those issues will also be discussed. Time: 7:00-7:30

President’s Announcements:  Time: 7:30-7:45

Main Presentation:  “Antenna Modelling using Numerical Electromagnetics Code (NEC)”  Lee, KD4RE will demonstrate a powerful software tool for modeling the radiation patterns for various antenna designs. Time: 7:45-9:00



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