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Thank you Frostfest




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Frostfest 2020 has come and gone. RATS did a great job, thank you to the whole team. Early on, the line went as far as the eye could see and, from all appearances, lots of money changed hands. One of the highlights of Frostfest was when one of the announcers came on and told us that someone had lost over $500 in cash. The great news is that somebody else – an honest soul – found that money and brought it to the front office.

As for Ham Community, we were very pleased to make some fantastic contacts with over 60 new members registering on site. Our new band plan was also very well received. We, of course, look forward to comments and corrections so that we can make this the most useful band plans possible.

Next it's on to Orlando for HamCation 2020. We hope you will all join us there; we will be in Booth 099.



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5 hours ago, WZ4K said:

Great to meet you Jim! The site is great!

73, Howard

Thanks Howard. It's still young. We still have few members. The road ahead is long. But we're going to try hard to make Ham Community a useful part of ham radio. We have some ambitious plans to roll out some useful tools in coming weeks/months/years. Again, thanks for the appreciation, it means a lot to our whole team.

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