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May 15th Meeting




Hope you'll join us for a discussion by Chris, W2PA, a noted Amateur Radio Historian.  Meeting is Sat, May 15th, at 1130 on Zoom Link:  


 Our topic is:  "Where Did the Bands Come From?"   This is a historical look at the early days of radio during which several aspects of amateur radio were established that survive to the present day. This includes, the HF bands (particularly 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 meters), call sign formats, QSLs, operating practices, and equipment characteristics. Many of these things taken for granted today have become disconnected from their origins, and the reasons why they exist, forgotten. The definition of the HF band allocations is particularly interesting. It started with the 200 meter limitation of 1912, changed as hams demonstrated the utility of the shortwaves, and changed again in response to the radio  boom of the 1920s and the first international treaties.

Lots more information, articles, and photos are on Chris' website web site: www.w2pa.com



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