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General Membership Meeting, August 23, 2019




Note:  Due to the start of the school year, the FCPS facilities are not available.  We are meeting at the Vienna Volunteer Fire Station, 400 Center St S, Vienna, VA.  Please enter at the side door and go directly up the stairs to the meeting room.

Forum: Jim, K3MRI, developer of the website, www.HamCommunity.com, will provide an overview of the web-based tools they have available to the ham radio community to facilitate conversation, camaraderie and collaboration.  The website contains a rich offering of forums, gear reviews, links directory images, calendars and downloads.  It may also be used by clubs to help manage membership lists, events calendars, contesting and other activities.  It will be an interesting review of a new set of tools provided by the people who developed it. Venue: Vienna Volunteer Fire Station, Time:  7:00 pm – 7:30 pm  No Living Stream tonight!

Main Presentation:  Topic:  “100 Years Of Antenna History From The RSGB Archives” Venue:  Venue:  Vienna Volunteer Fire Station, Time 7:30 pm – 9:00 PM. No Living Stream tonight!

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