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Winter Field Day, Jan 30-31, 2021



The Winter Field Day Association will host Winter Field Day 2021 from 2pm EST Saturday to 2pm EST Sunday, January 30-31, 2021.   

Station set-up, for those operating outdoors, or from a location not your current QTH may commence no earlier than 1900 UTC (2pm EST) on the Friday before.  Station setup may consume no more than 12 hours total.  How & when you schedule/spend those 12 hours is up to you.

All Amateur bands, HF, VHF, & UHF except 12, 17, 30 and 60 meters may be used, and any mode that can faithfully transmit the exchange intact without a conversion table (CW, SSB, AM, FM, DStar, C4FM, DMR, Packet, PSK, SSTV, RTTY, Olivia, Satellite, etc) qualify  Note FT8 & FT4 do not count!

The exchange is Class+Category plus ARRL Section ... for example, for someone operating from home as an individual, the exchange is: 1H VA. 

Rules at:  https://a2a53e2b-2285-4083-9cff-c99fe5ba1658.filesusr.com/ugd/1c7085_2445ed4b22f74e048fe9bd41c8dba103.pdf


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