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How does a J-Pole Antenna Work?




Ever wonder how a slim jim or the big brother, a J-Pole antenna work?

 A quick check on the internet reported that “the J-pole antenna is an end-fed omnidirectional half-wave antenna that is matched to the feedline by a quarter wave parallel transmission line stub of Lecher system form. Matching to the feed-line is achieved by sliding the connection of the feedline back and forth along the stub until an impedance match is obtained.  Being a half-wave antenna, it provides a small gain over a quarter-wave ground-plane antenna.” 

 Some of us who participated in the recent Basic Antenna Tutorial a week or so ago stopped by Dave’s shack (KE0OG), and he have us a lesson.  It’s worth your time visit w/ Dave.   Listen here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRJw3SCBGfA&feature=emb_title




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