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About this blog

When it comes to antennas, there is so much to know about choosing the right approach, designing, installing safely, maintaining, improving, even dismantling. The Mastrant team has, over the years, had the privilege and pleasure of thinking about, and hearing about, great set ups. Our goal here is to share some of that experience. We welcome your comments, further questions, and of course, feel free to start discussion topics here, or if you have specific questions about Mastrant products, you can do so here.

Entries in this blog

Ropes and Accessories

What difference is there between Mastrant Classic ropes (P, Q, S, C, R) and Mastrant-M? The difference stands in parameters. Ropes from the Classic product line are the basic ropes optimized for a good price to performance ratio, whereas type M has approximately doubled strength and simultaneously half the stretch compared to type Classic. They are also lighter because the rope core is made from high-strength Dyneema® fibers. When is it better to use Premium rope (M) instead of Cl

Preparation and Installation

How far away from the mast should the guy anchors be placed? We recommend that distance be equal to the height of your mounting point on the tower, but no less than 2/3 of it. However, sometimes this is not possible - in this case, a rope with lower absolute elongation and higher strength must be used. At the same time, it is necessary to assess whether the mast used is strong and stiff enough to handle the higher vertical load. We recommend using our calculator Forces in guy ropes to ca

Personal Safety

What difference is there between particular harnesses? The BASIC harness is a basic safety harness. Comparing to other types it doesn’t contain the adjustable waist belt. The difference between LX2 to LX5 is in flexibility, sling width, the way of fixing (LX4 and LX5 use quick-acting buckles), and comfort (LX3 and LX5 are designed for long periods of use).
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